We are happy to assist you in any way. Here are various questions that have been asked in regards to ordering products from Snag-it. We are happy to help in anyway.

1) If your shipping address or physical address continues to be rejected by the server the quickest way, is to put your address in twice - Once in Line #1 and again in Line #2. You can also  look up the physical address of your local post office and place that address on line #1 and a box number on line #2. This method is more relevant for Rural customers.

2) Your tracking number upon receiving can be placed within a tracking request box with https://www.17track.net

3) Huge Sale periods during Black Friday, Christmas, Valentines Day....etc take precedence over other offers that are out there - like a Discount Code that you may have received for numerous reasons. You may not be able to use this Discount Code over and above the huge Savings offered during Promotional Sales Periods. Please wait until these special offers are completed and then resume your order with a Discount Code at Check Out. 

4) While shopping for the Custom Jewelry with photo upload & engraving option, if you have difficulty with the steps to upload your photo, please send us all the information and we can try to upload from our end. support@snag-it.com. JPEG works the best with the width at 1075 X 2000 pixels. Send both photo, choice of metal and engraving if that is your preference.

5) If you feel that you have not heard back from us or you are waiting for a Subscription offer please look in your email junk box as your email provider may not recognize a new contact. Locate our email and move into the inbox for further communication. support@snag-it.com

6) Your credit process with show the Company Domain Name of gussy-up.com rather than the branch name of snag-it.com. This is the same Company Business and not to be alarmed that you do not recognize your purchase.